Quiet Punch

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Join the Quiet Punch family and add a Quiet Punch to your home.  With Quiet Punch your home can be a house, an apartment, hotel room, or wherever you happen to call home.

Fits in most doorways and is up in less than 60 seconds and taken down in half that time.  Simple routines are a few minutes and can be done at any time of the day or night.  Fits into all schedules!


It's Fun and Very Easy

Just pass by Quiet Punch and get your arms moving for a few minutes and then continue on with your day.  Just moving your arms a few minutes a day has shown to better your cardiovascular health.  Plus it looks really cool and a lot of fun.


Join the Family

Pre-Order Now!


"Every Home Needs a Quiet Punch, Simple as that."

— Brian Pedone, Founder


Look Good, Stay Healthy, Have Fun

Quiet Punch is a fun way to stay healthy and look good while doing it.  It takes less than 1 minute to setup and half that to take it down.  It does not mark your doorway and is completely temporary.  Weighing less than 5lbs. Quiet Punch is made for anyone to setup and with its unique design is very easy on the joints with built in shock absorption. 

Most importantly it's fun and you can follow some simple routines with the friendly founder, Brian Pedone.  All this can be done from the quiet of your home without disturbing your neighbors or even your roommates!

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